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to the u.s. economy, to defense, to a whole list of things. >> defense is something that is definitely having some growing concerns. people keep asking the question, are we going to be safe if these cuts do in fact hit this year. the military is facing down $46 billion in defense spending cuts this year, most of that is due to sequestration which of course are those automatic spending cuts that will hit the federal government starting march 1 if congress doesn't act quickly to stop them. our partners at u.s.a. today obtained some of the planned cuts to the armed forces. they include the air force planning to cut aircraft maintenance by a third, support would be cut to more than 30 weapons systems. and the pentagon announced yesterday that the 5,000 crew members of the u.s.s. truman will be staying in norfolk and not deploying to the persian gulf saving hundreds of millions of dollars. outgoing defense secretary leon panetta spoke to u.s. d.a. about these concerns -- "u.s.a. today" about his concerns with these cuts. >> if something else came up in syria or mali or in libya, it wouldn't
all that romantic. it will be formally announced that american airlines parent is hooking up with u.s. airways group that would create the world's largest airline. american has been restructuring ushed bankruptcy -- under bankruptcy protection. creditors forced american to consider a merger rather than remain independent. under this all stock deal, american's creditors will actually wind up owning 72% of the combined airline and u.s. airways shareholders would get the rest. this tieup marries the third and fourth biggest carriers in the nation. some analysts are warning flyers could see fares rising across the industry in the future. >>> the u.s. lags behind many of its rivals when it comes to the minimum wayne. president obama is -- wage. president obama is proposing a hike to $9. that would still leave the lowest paid american workers way behind their counterparts in other developing countries. australia is actually tops with a minimum wage of nearly $17 an hour. next comes france, england and japan. but i'll tell you, not everybody thinks that raising the minimum wage is a good ide
been canceled to jfk rather and about eight to laguardia. we've already checked in with u.s. airlines and we are hearing that they've canceled a record 2,000 flights between yesterday and today. and they're expecting many more flights to be canceled so certainly it's going to be a very tough day here at the airport for many travelers who are trying to get to the new england area. certainly call ahead. a lot of airlines are making accommodations for you and they're offering folks services where they can cancel the flights and they can actually reschedule at a later date. but certainly it's going to be a tough ride for a lot of folks trying to head to new england. much more coming up in a half hour. back to you. >> thanks delia live at national airport this morning. >>> just an awful story out of annapolis this morning. a woman from annapolis is due in court this morning on charges she murdered her own 2- year-old daughter. investigators are now focusing on a trash facility in anne arundel county with hopes of finding kassidey booth's booth. police say chelsea booth smothered the toddle
're seeing them right there. our part nears at "u.s.a. today" report the flower onster arriveds can get big from special breeding and soil. companies including ftd are selling them and sales are taking off. you can also buy 3, 4 and 5- foot varieties. in case you're wondering a dozen of the 5-foot varieties plus a vase costs you nearly 300 bucks from ftd. >> nice stem. >> well done. >> that's an old line. >> thank you, jess. >>> monika and howard are standing by. let's start with howard in the forecast first. >> we are looking at a nice day today. a little bit on the breezy side this morning. but check out these temperatures climbing back into the low 50s here, if not mid- 50s by this afternoon. we're already in the upper 40s in many areas but the winds are going to be the one kind of slight negative, especially this morning. they'll get lighter this afternoon. temperatures right now have fallen into the 30s. winds have slackened a little bit in manassas and culpeper. 40 at the pax river naval air station. north and west low to mid-40s. shenandoah valley and luray is at 45. when you factor
. the officer was treated and released. >>> an obama memo authorizing drone attacks against u.s. dozens working with terrorists over seas, the justice department says the government doesn't need evidence that an attack is imminent, just that the suspect is actively plotting against the united states. >>> president obama is headed to israel. the white house confirms the president will be in the west bank of jordan coming up in march. this is going to be the first time he's visited the country since he took office. mitt romney jumped on that fact during the last election claiming the president doesn't support the jewish state. the white house maintains president obama has a solid relationship with israeli leaders. >>> a 6.9 magnitude quake off the solomons islands has destroyed dozens of homes. the quake struck at 11:00 a.m. local time prompting warnings and watches from several island chains but most were canceled. >>> 6:04. jessica doyle is back with another your money report. >> you've probably gotten your w2s in the mail recently. that means tax season is getting started. it's also apparently
at 6:29. this is always the place to get your weather first. this is a live look at the u.s. capitol against the dark sky. it's 35 degrees. i'm andrea roane. >>> i'm mike hydeck. the air doesn't have that bite. howard bernstein is live on the weather terrace to give us details. >> it's cold out here without the winds. the winds are calm. the flag behind me is laying still so that's why you won't feel that bite mike was talking about. yesterday we were 37. today about 10 degrees above that we do have mostly cloudy skies here in d.c. but it is going to abdecent day. 43 by noon and 44 with a high of 46. a few flurries tonight. last night we had a trace of snow? a few spots -- snow in a few spots east of the mountains. the snow approaching chicago could give us a few flurries tonight. this morning as you get ready to go out, it's jacket weather but low 40s south of town. it's down to 30 in gaithersburg and martinsburg and 32 in leesburg. monika, 6:30, give us the good news. >>> i'll give you the good news and then how about the bad news. i'm sorry. southbound on the bw parkway after 195,
for american airlines and u.s. airways. the boards of both airlines have pushed back meetings on plans to consider a final merger. the ap reports sources close to the matter says the board wants to meet in person and the u.s. airways board would only meet after the a.m. r board approved a deal. the deal would create the world's largest carrier. >>> i am going to state the obvious for you. probably not a good idea to surf porn sites on your smartphone. a new study is out from a company called blue coat. it kinds nearly a quarter of all mal ware come from porn sites. the risk of inadvertently downloading mal- ware increases three fold. just don't do it. >>> just in time for valentine's day. four time grammy nominee jeffrey osborne is kicking off his new album, a time >>> welcome back. 6:12 your weather first on this monday morning. kind of dreary out there. showers drizzlal, good news it is not going to be lasting but a couple of hours. i have got my fingers crossed here into the upper 50s. sometimes in these situations the cold does hang on a little longer. cold enough to support snow i
the fundamental relationship between washington and beijing. >>> in the meantime two u.s. major companies are reporting they've been the target of hacking. apple says its commuters were affected by malicious software, similar to an attack facebook announced last week. the attacks took advantage in the flaws in the java plug-in for web browsers and someone hacked into the jeeb twitter. and for most people it's not a matter of if they have their identity stolen but when according to identity theft 911. so there are important steps you need to take to minimized damage if this is going to happen you to. for example, obviously be incredibly careful when deciding to click on a link and so important, limit the amount of sensitive data you're storing on your computer. there's no reason to have your social security number on your computer. essentially that's like giving a hacker to the keys to your kingdom. it's tax season. we're doing our taxes on our computers. make sure you purge that data after you're done with it. >> that's a good idea. >> one of those things you don't think about. >> i alway
in some cases last month. our partners after "u.s.a. today" report the smart car which is the smallest car in america, sales actually dropped 3%. mercedes-benz puts out the smart car. it only sold 481 of them across the nation last month. toyota's four seater, it's the next smallest and saw sales up 21%. better nay madoff may have finally picked a legitimate winner. his family partly owns a biopharm suit cal company that just went public. it raised $33 million in the stock sale. "the new york post" reports that madoff's initial $2.2 million investment in the company is now worth $5.5 million on paper but the scammer not probably going to be able to keep the money. as a trustee for all of madoff's victims is going after the money. so we'll see if that actually winds up in the pockets of the victims at the end of the day. >> for the people that suffered, hopefully it does. >> we'll (woman) 3 days of walking to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the bol
press that an explosion has taken place outside the u.s. embassy in turkey. we have another alert that there are possibly injuries associated with this. an explosion outside the embassy in turkey. possible injuries with this. >>> the other breaking news this morning of course are the flurries and the snowfall we've seen in the washington area. howard is here with that. >> some folks seeing flurries and bonified snow squalls coming through. good news, they'll be coming through very quickly. they come in fast, drop a half- inch of snow and out of here. already seeing the radar clearing out of places like loudoun county. this is a quick hitter. sunshine will be out in a couple of hours. here's a look outside right now. oh, got it on the radar. there's a quick look at radar. we'll back it up for you and show you the picture at the germantown marc station not quite an hour ago with the snow coming down. your day planner, reduced visibilities right now in d.c. we've got some mod yacht snow bands coming -- moderate snow bands coming through. the snow will be well east of us, might even a
called job creation his north star. he asked congress to focus on attracting jobs to the u.s., training american workers, a centerpiece of his plan is fixing aging roads and bridges, putting construction workers back to work. this plan could reopen a fight with congress that he lost in his first term now calling for tens of billions of new dollars in spending on infrastructure. another proposal that's likely to face a fight, the president wants to raise the minimum hourly wage from the current $7.25 to $9 by the end of 2015. that could put pressure on small businesses at a time when they are still struggling. finally, the president called for both sides to find a solution before march 1. that's of course when automatic spending cuts hit the federal government, possibly furloughing tens of thousands of workers and hurting possibly military readiness. still we did not hear from either side a road map to head that off that seems to have any bipartisan appeal at this point. >> seems like they're willing to let it happen. >> i think it's going to happen at this point. i think all bets are th
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11